We provide financial planning, analysis and operations expertise on a personal and corporate level to business owners.

Transaction Experience

We have worked on over $150+ Billion of financings, M&A, JVs, restructurings, liquidations, startups, spin-offs, IPOs, real estate deals and distressed loans.


We have held senior finance roles at 4 public companies with $5 billion in sales, 30,000 employees and $60 billion of total market cap.


We served as lead operational finance executive on one of the largest restructurings in history, turning it cash breakeven within 6 months, saving 10,000 jobs.


We have helped grow businesses from 0 to 1,000s of employees and from 1,000s to 10,000s.


Over 20 years of presenting ideas to successful entrepreneurs, public company Boards, sell-side research analysts and institutional investors.

StrongOak was founded in 2005.  If you want unbiased and opinionated advice or analysis with the highest levels of precision, we look forward to your call. 


Erik Tamm, President


Westport, CT